The only thing we are is a byproduct of our

If you're conscious of yours, learn to translate them to others. Not so they're 'understood,' but so they're FELT.

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Except an 'artist.'


So what am I really?

I can do a lot of jobs at varying levels, 

but I'm never really doing any one for too long...

So every project ends up being a little different.

Basically, I have a few different pillars of knowledge that power my brain. Plus, I'm handy with a couple tools and I have a 'bag of tricks' that I can draw from. 

But it's pretty easy if you think about it like a video game character creator.

Unlike most job descriptions, 

'Experience Design' 

can't fit nicely into a tweet.

So every project ends up being a little different.

Basically, I have a few different pillars of knowledge that power my brain. Plus, I'm handy with a couple tools and I have a 'bag of tricks' that I can draw from. 

But it's pretty easy 

if you think about it like 

a video game chatacter creator.

Unlike most job descriptions, 

'Experience Design' 

can't fit nicely into a tweet.

I prefer describing myself as an, 'Experience Designer,' 

but here are a couple other titles that have helped me explain it in the past:


Web Designer

Video Editor

UX Designer


Social Media Strategist

Project Manager

Product Designer



Marketing Manager

Marketing Consultant

Information Designer

GUI Designer

Graphic Designer


Design Researcher

Design Consultant


Creative Director

Content Strategist

Content Producer

Brand Strategist



Audio Engineer

Triggering different areas in my brain simultaneously, can sometimes result in unexpected paths. 

Here are a couple directions I’ve gone in the past:

The challenge to reconfigure my brain and constantly adapt from one project to the next is what keeps me happy (and motivated).

After my presentations and the success of my proposals, I was asked to come on board to assist with the entire project. Given my knowledge of local culture and history, my educational background in art history and design; plus my professional experience in project management and distributed organizations, I was able to perfectly fill a void partially created by the pandemic. 

Only then did I find out the scope of work and the client. For the year and a half since, I’ve been a project manager, curator and consultant related to the artwork in El Paso’s newest and tallest high-rise building.

Experience designer, Curator, coordinator, consultant, artist


Following the release of my book El Paso del Norte Loteria, I was approached by an art buyer looking for either local artists or any art I may have been selling. The request eventually evolved into a commission to develop my designs into large installations—for what I was only told at the time—was an 'office space looking for art'.

In an unexpected twist of fate, the pandemic offered me an opportunity to grow in a new direction while earning the title: 'Art Consultant.” In this role I've been able to facilitate the curation, procurement, and handling of over half a million dollars worth of art. 

WestStar Tower 2020-2022

Experience designer, database designer, boardmember, volunteer


Since joining, we’ve been able to single-handedly develop and manage all branding/public-facing marketing including (but not limited to) websites, postcards, t-shirts, infographics, and so much more. Internally we’ve also developed data-protocols, processes, forms and management systems required to operate and organize our 501(c)3 organization.

Not only am I a proud El Pasoan, I'm also a proud cat dad. With a partner that cares as much about design as I do—and even more about cats—we joined a local TNR group in our area.

El Paso TNR 2019 - Present

The game/book were only meant to mark the beginning of a year-long celebration planned for the entirety of the 360th year (2020). Obviously, Covid 19 threw a wrench in those plans but the initiative is not over and will continue.

Our Story Comes Full Circle.

Founder, creator, designer, author


Realizing the lack of cultural understanding around my hometown, I began an initiative centered on the 360th anniversary of a historic mission—the genesis of our modern city. After spending the previous few years making the Guide platform, I realized the limits of digital interfaces. Trying to make a more visceral connection with an audience, my goal was to share culture, community and evolve my storytelling methods. Thus, I began the initiative with a book and game stylized like the cultural staple, loteria.

EP360  2019 - Present

Photographer, Retoucher, Graphic Designer, Consultant, Product Designer, Researcher,


Not only would I go on to help brand and market the new line of products, but in less than a year I would develop a more efficient manufacturing process that could reduce the company's production cost. Plus, I designed several new ancillary products to minimize material waste, all of which were outlined in the brand's first tech pack.

During a retouching and layout job, I made a simple design suggestion regarding an unrelated prototype the owner had with her –– a product launching soon. A couple weeks later while doing a different product shoot for the same client, I noticed the updated prototype with the suggestions included. She asked (half jokingly) if I had any suggestions on a name for the product.

Junes - 2015

Consultant, Director, Producer, Videographer, Photographer, Designer, Editor, Composer, Animator, Researcher, Production Coordinator,


Beto was adamant that, “No one wants to watch a video longer than 2 minutes.” Luckily, he changed his mind after seeing the first one. I eventually ended up making about half a dozen more – which were shorter – and on a range of topics. But I feel like he's kept (and greatly broadened) that authentic 'conversation' feel. I take no credit for any of that, that is all very much him. I'm just glad I was there at the beginning and able to contribute. 


General audience’s don’t want to watch videos about policy. So a political series would need a more conversational approach. Authenticity was vital. 

With complete freedom I decided to stay true to the run-and-gun style of filmmaking that I love, no scripts or concrete objectives. I essentially produced the segments on the fly for a couple hours, while filming and directing a conversation. That was the foundation of all videos, then I designed the individual narratives and packages in the editing room.

Thoughts & Approach

Make a series of web videos related to specific policies/topics which would be used for corresponding splash pages at the end of marketing funnels. Amazingly, the campaign trusted me enough to allow full creative control and didn’t really set many guidelines.


Beto for Congress - 2014

When Beto O’Rourke was up for re-election after his first term as congressman, his campaign wanted to highlight some of his key issues. I don’t know who came up with the idea of incorporating video, but I was asked to help.


Founder, Owner, Designer, Director, Producer, Photographer, Videographer, Editor, Composer, Musician, Writer, Stylist, Project Manager,

In 2006 when I was asked to help a documentary filmmaker with some post-production, he was thankful I could also introduce him to an aspiring hip-hop artist I was working with (as he needed some original music). I remember what it felt like to have separate creative individuals selflessly come together for the betterment of their individual crafts and each other's projects. That inspiring energy was the catalyst for On Our Way To Stardom a lifestyle project / brand / publisher / network / mission,  which was founded the following year.

Rebranded to simply STRDM in 2012, the project manifested dozens of product releases, albums, videos, web content, and more. 

STRDM - 2007-2015

Since 2015, the project has been 

on an indefinite hiatus while 

my contracted work and new projects 

require more time.

If you’d like to bring me onboard for something you’re working on, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Currently, they kind of look like this:

I’m motivated to take on new projects or clients based on my ability to affect change in a positive way, and hopefully impact some of the problems that are troubling me the most.

This is where my current chapter started:

Sean and Francis, 

you helped me more.

But the only

and experiences;

and because my grandma said it was okay.


a Lifetime of

friends, lovers,

ALL of my past, present, and future,

reason why I'm ME, is because of

than you probably realize.

for making it relatable.


Bobby, Jeff, 

and Johnny 

Your understanding of 'self' and 

transparency in your craft was a real–time inspiration.

Oprah, Nigo, Rick, Terry,

Thank You

Ye, Pharrell,